This is why we chose this process

What is the desalcoholización?

It consists in the partial removal or total alcohol content in fermented beverages such as is the case of wine, beer and spirits with a clean process and respectful with the environment.
Desalco has the technology of cones vacuum that currently allows us to desalcoholizar large volumes of wine annually for our clients.

What desalcoholizamos?

Market non-alcoholic beverages

Recent market studies indicate double-digit growth in the wine category alcohol free or low alcohol. The new technologies of desalcoholización, such as the one that we use Desalco, allows the production of high-quality products that are at the level of the expectations that consumers expect. We help wineries to develop projects within this segment and successfully reach new consumers.

To ensure non-alcoholic beverages of high quality

our Process

We work at a low temperature. The process allows for the evaporation of the alcohol of the wine, and the cones of vacuum separating the alcohol leaving the wine without alcohol. The advantage of doing it at low temperature is that it avoids the loss of aromas by making the final product is of high quality.

The process of desalcoholización is carried through vacuum at a low temperature to preserve all the fraction noble wine, ensuring la eliminación de hasta <0,05% vol.

Flavor and aroma

we retain the essence without alcohol

Desalco we have the technologies and processes that allows us to recover the aroma of the original wine, adding complexity and balance to the product alcohol-free (for more than 0.5% Vol.)
This process allows our customers to achieve a standard very high quality, aromas and textures for their wines

What happens with the extract?

Alcohol natural

Our process desalcoholización allows us to extract and save all the burden of alcohol is in the original wine cellar. This component is stored and subsequently distributed to different industries.

Organic Certification

Handling and process

We are certified under the seals of production to vegan, being able to desalcoholizar wines under this label guaranteeing the traceability and correct handling during the process.

All of the energy that is used in the process comes from renewable energy sources.